15 Alcohol Brands Using Influencer Marketing to Grow


The ever-changing industry of alcohol production has seen many shifts in recent years. From the craze of IPAs and microbreweries to the introduction of wine subscription services and hard kombuchas, alcohol production has never been more creative. With the influx of this creativity though, it can be hard for brands to stand out among the crowd.

To combat this issue, the use of influencer marketing has been essential for many alcoholic beverage producers to boost sales, increase brand awareness, and become household names in the alcohol industry. With the use of Tagger’s affinity, growth, and mention toggles, we compiled this list of 15 alcohol brands using influencer marketing to grow. 

Flying Embers (@flyingembersbrew) – Hard seltzer and spiked kombucha makers, Flying Embers’ is only four years old but has already amassed a large following thanks to their innovative creations as well as their use of influencer marketing. With their most recent sponsored post having a reach of over 500,000 viewers, it’s no surprise the brand’s Instagram has more than doubled in the past year. 

Casamigos (@casamigos) – Tequila brand founded by George Clooney and Randy Gerber, Casamigos’ use of influencer marketing has paid off, contributing to their consistent growth rate. With over 7,000 organic and sponsored mentions, their sponsored posts have had potential reach as high as 935,000 users.

Blanton’s Bourbon (@blantons_bourbon) – Single barrel Kentucky Bourbon distillers, Blanton’s profile has over 1,000 mentions and a 40% growth rate since January 2020. 

Buffalo Trace (@buffalotrace) – Another Kentucky Bourbon, Buffalo Trace’s use of influencer marketing has supplemented their consistent and substantial growth with their most recent sponsored post having a reach of over one million users. Along with their use of influencer marketing, the company is also offering virtual tours of their distillery while tours are limited due to Covid-19.

Trillium Brewing (@trilliumbrewing) – New-England based craft brewery Trillium is well known in Massachusetts and beyond. Though the brand has fairly limited distribution due to the high demand for their beer, fans across the country travel to visit the breweries, displayed in their 3.2k individual mentions.

Babe Wine (@drinkbabe) – One of the more recent canned wines to take over the wine section of your grocery or liquor store, Babe Wine has increased their following consistently over the past year. With sponsored posts from social media influencers including Brittany Broski and other Gen-Zs. 

Winc Wines (@winc) – A wine subscription box catered to your specific tastes and interests, Winc’s engagement with their customers extends beyond their personalized customer experience. With influencer marketing boosting their mentions into the 4,000s, the company’s growth has also benefitted, with a 25% increase in followers since January 2020.

Avion Tequila (@tequilaavion) – With their sponsored posts ranging from a potential reach of 100,000+ users up to 11 million users, Avion Tequila’s recent platform growth is no surprise. 

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey (@bulleit) – An 11% growth seen on their platform since the start of 2020, Bulleit’s utilization of influencer marketing through sponsored posts have expanded their reach and engagement rate as well.

McBride Sisters (@mcbridesisters) – Established in 2005, the McBride Sisters have since become the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States. Already a powerhouse for creative wines and other alcoholic beverages, the brand’s use of influencer marketing has also proven effective, with their sponsored posts having a reach of anywhere from 20k users all the way to 215k. 

Absolut Elyx (@absolutelyx) – Absolut’s line of luxury single-estate vodka crafted with a vintage copper column only hit stores in 2019, but the brand has already utilized influencer marketing to their advantage. With over 500 sponsored mentions, the benefit of these partnerships shows in the brand’s 40% growth rate.

Kōloa Rum Company (@koloarum) – Makers of Premium Hawaiian Rum, Kōloa Rum has welcomed a recent growth rate of 25% on their Instagram page. Regularly engaging with their audience through sharing creative Rum recipes, the brand has also partnered with influencers to increase brand awareness and reach. 

Rainier Beer & Mountain Fresh Gin (@rainier_beer) – Longtime beer producers, Rainier has since expanded to include Mountain Fresh Gin in their repertoire. The brand has seen a 10% growth in the past year and has only recently utilized influencer marketing, boosting this growth even further. 

Wölffer Estate Vineyard (@wolfferwine) – Shipping nationwide from the Hamptons, Wölffer’s sustainable wines have gathered a considerable following over the past year, their Instagram page growing by 27% and boasting 2.5k mentions.

Creature Comforts Brewing Co. (@creaturecomfortsbeer) – Featured as Thor’s beer of choice in Avengers: Endgame, Georgia-born brewery Creature Comforts’ Instagram platform boasts an 8% increase since January. This increase can be expected to skyrocket as the brand’s newest expansion planned for 2021 is a Brewery and Taproom in Los Angeles. 

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This article was originally published on www.taggermedia.com on October 28, 2020.