20 Skinfluencers Succeeding at Influencer Marketing


For many social media users, their first foray into the world of influencers is through the beauty industry. Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok have all been extremely useful platforms for beauty influencers and brands to launch and grow but now more than ever we are seeing trends towards specific beauty and wellness categories. One topic sparking interest from all platforms is skincare, generating the term “Skinfluencers.”

One might ask, “Why would audiences take recommendations from a skinfluencer rather than their own dermatologist?” Talking Influence states “The fact they [skinfluencers] share content promoting a multitude of brands at different ends of the price spectrum creates a sense of trust. Their audience may not get this from a skincare specialist who works for a specific brand.” Many skinfluencers are also licensed aestheticians or dermatologists, so audiences can be reassured their information is well-researched.

Using our technology provider Tagger’s platform’s keyword, affinity, and mentions toggle, we found these 20 Skinfluencers working hard and helping their followers along the way.

Felicia Walker (@thisthatbeauty) – Founder of @thisthatbeauty and co-founder of @faceflawlessskin, Walker’s expertise on skincare is made accessible through her regular Instagram stories, IGTV, and Lives. High engagement means Walker’s followers have a higher level of loyalty and a greater chance of responding positively to her advertisements. Her 200 sponsored mentions include Olay, Perricone MD, and Walmart. With a consistent growth rate and high engagement levels, Walker is a great candidate for many campaigns.

Felicia Walker (@thisthatbeauty) - Founder of @thisthatbeauty and co-founder of @faceflawlessskin, Influencer marketing

Hyram Yarbro (@skincarebyhyram) – Since his Tiktok page offering skincare advice went viral, Hyram has seen a massive increase in his Instagram following and Youtube subscriber count. His engagement is also impressive, topping out around 12% on most Instagram posts. Yarbro’s welcoming and educational environment has brought a wide follower base and collaborations with the likes of Charli D’Amelio and brands Sunday Riley and S’Well Water Bottles. Just as expected with his bustling Instagram and Tiktok pages, Hyram’s Youtube also boasts impressive metrics.

Hyram Yarbro @skincarebyhyram Influencer marketing

Nicole Caroline (@nicolecarolineskin) – Certified acne and anti-aging specialist Caroline treats all kinds of skin problems and shares solutions with her followers. Since January 2021, her Instagram account has doubled in following size from 10k to 23.1k. This boost can be traced to her multiple appearances on Access Hollywood and NBC as well as her features in Vogue.

Nicole Caroline @nicolecarolineskin 
Influencer marketing

Caroline Hirons (@carolinehirons) – Hirons is an aesthetician, bestselling author, and founder of nonprofit Beauty Backed. Her Instagram account has experienced steady growth over the past year, reaching half a million followers in August 2020. Through working on sponsored content with brands including Amazon, The Body Shop, and Strivectin, Hirons’ macro-influencer sized following gives these companies exposure to a wider audience as opposed to a micro-influencer, who might be better for companies looking for higher engagement.

Caroline Hirons (@carolinehirons) Influencer marketing success

Danna Omari (@noyskincare) – Omari focuses on holistic skincare and curates beauty items from other brands for her online store. Her work in curation has led to brand partnerships on her website but she also actively promotes them through her Instagram page. With a growth percentage of 46% since January 2021 from 279k to 410k, Omari’s following shows no signs of slowing.

Danna Omari (@noyskincare) Influencer marketing success

Victoria Lyn (@victorialyn) – Focusing her content on skincare and creative makeup, Lyn reached 1 Million followers in early March 2021, classifying her as a “mega-influencer” based on audience size. With just under 350 sponsored brand mentions on her profile, Lyn’s audience is a great place for brands to increase brand awareness and reach. Her audience size means that branded content will get in front of a wider variety of potential customers.

Victoria Lyn (@victorialyn) Influencer marketing success

Dr. Lara Devgan (@drlaradevganmd) – Plastic surgeon and founder of her skincare line, Devgan is renowned for her innovation in the skincare and plastic surgery industries. Her Instagram features a growth rate of 11% and with a new TikTok account, Devgan is gaining followers on all platforms. By working with brands and publications Vogue, Sephora, and Real Self, Devgan’s following has continued to grow.

Andrea Suarez (@drdrayzday) – As a certified dermatologist, Dr. Dray is yet another ‘skin’-influencer with experience in the medical field. Her expertise here helps inform her regular product reviews and skincare remedies on her Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube platforms. With just under 300k followers and growing at a 17% rate, Suarez has optimized brand partnerships to aid her platform growth.

Andrea Suarez (@drdrayzday) Influencer marketing success

Devan Jesmer (@devsday) – An aesthetician based in Dallas, TX, Jesmer’s following of 17k allows her to be much more interactive and engaged with followers than influencers of larger sizes. Her account also continues to grow at a rate nearing 20%, and her highest engaged post has an engagement rate of 49%. Jesmer’s smaller following might not be as effective at increasing brand awareness for partnering brands, but it is effective in establishing follower trust that will more likely encourage positive reactions to Jesmer’s sponsored posts.

Devan Jesmer (@devsday) Influencer marketing success

Renée (@gothamista) – Between skincare reviews and best product lists, Renée’s platform is never short of recommendations or advice. Her many product reviews mean a high number of brand collaborations with beauty brands including SkinCeuticals, Paula’s Choice, and Briogeo. With a little under 200k followers, Renée has a great platform for increasing brand awareness while still holding on to steady engagement with her followers.

Renée (@gothamista) Influencer marketing success

Adeline Kikam (@brownskinderm) – A certified dermatologist who specializes in and advocates for research of darker skin tones, Kikam’s content features this advocacy and research alongside product reviews and skincare advice. With a growing follower base and regular features by celebrities and publications, Kikam’s profile will only continue to grow.

Adeline Kikam (@brownskinderm) Influencer marketing success

Georgia Louise (@georgialouisesk) – With a presence on all major platforms, Georgia Louise’s social media features her skincare line and her regular promotions as a La Mer Global Skincare Advisor. Her Instagram features brand collaborations with others as well such as Biologique Recherche and Peel. As a celebrity facialist, her Instagram tips are accessible for all audiences but are boosted by mentions from celebrity clients.

Georgia Louise (@georgialouisesk) influencer marketing success

Stephen Ko (@kindofstephen) – Cosmetic and skincare formulator, Ko has a successful blog and a weekly curation of beauty news called the #BeautyRecap. Ko’s Instagram account has been steadily growing, up at 60k from 48k in March 2020. With an engagement rate double Tagger’s benchmark, Ko’s account has loyal followers that make his platform ideal for brands looking to collaborate.

Stephen Ko (@kindofstephen) Influencer marketing success

Dr. Howard (@dermbeautydoc) – A dermatologist and founder of GIRL+HAIR hair care, Dr. Howard’s Instagram following has nearly doubled in 2021. Between informational posts and a feature that allows her followers to text her with skin questions, Dr. Howard’s engagement rate has been at a steady 3-4%. Her expertise and transparency with followers aids brand collaborations as followers can be assured the brands Dr. Howard is recommending are effective.

Dr. Howard (@dermbeautydoc) Influencer marketing success

Chemist Confessions (@chemist.confessions) – Ran by co-owners Victoria Fu & Gloria Lu, Chemist Confessions is the ‘skinstagram’ page that has grown into a podcast, book deal, and a skincare line. Their most recent sponsored posts have a potential reach of 100k-200k and include brands Sephora and Peter Thomas Roth.

Chemist Confessions (@chemist.confessions) Influencer marketing success

Cula Dautriche (@theculderm) – Varying her content with memes, infographics, and an IG Live “Culskin” Series, Dermatologist Dautriche has quickly grown her presence into that of a micro-influencer. At just under 6k followers, her growth has been exponential and will likely continue with her level of engagement. Reaching as high as 8%, Dautriche’s engagement and brand collaborations with skincare companies CeraVe and Degree show the value of partnering with micro-influencers.

Cula Dautriche (@theculderm) Influencer marketing success

The Skin Sisters (@theskinsisters) – Sisters and dermatologist PAs, Brooke and Lauren fill their Instagram with skincare recommendations, IG TVs, and looks inside their Dermatology office. Some sponsored partnerships include LaRoche Posay and Secret Deodorant, but the women regularly work with and review other brands as well.

The Skin Sisters (@theskinsisters) Influencer marketing success

Dr. Papri Sarkar (@paprisarkar.md) – At 6.7k followers, dermatologist Papri Sarkar is only beginning to grow her Instagram following but with her high levels of interaction with followers, her future growth looks promising. Sarkar shares memes, giveaways, and reviews with followers when she’s not sharing her features in publications like Vogue and The Knot.

Dr. Papri Sarkar (@paprisarkar.md) Influencer marketing success

Ysabelle Gatchalian (@yssaboutskin) – With her Instagram feed bathed in pale pink, it’s no wonder skincare-enthusiast Gatchalian’s page has a steady growth rate. Gatchalian has collaborated with high-end skincare brands Laneige, Fresh, and Saturday Skin on product photography that is displayed on her Instagram page and newly-created Blog.

Ysabelle Gatchalian (@yssaboutskin) Influencer marketing success

Julie (@pdxbeautiful) – A master aesthetician, Julie’s skincare recommendations and advice cover a wide range of ages, skin types, and skincare ailments. Her sponsored mentions include brands Soap & Glory, Caudalie, and Nordstrom among others, and her regular product recommendations cover a variety of brands.

Julie (@pdxbeautiful) Influencer marketing success

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This article was originally featured on TaggerMedia.com on March17, 2021.