8 Streaming Services Using Influencer Marketing to Boost Engagement


With another streaming service being announced nearly every week, it can be difficult to pick which one (or three!) to commit to if you are one of the 30 million and counting “cord-cutters” swearing off Cable. Conversely, it can be difficult for streaming services to stand out to the average consumer.

Luckily, with the use of social media, these streaming services have gotten creative in setting themselves apart from each other. Whether utilising social media for fan giveaways, meme-posting or hyping up highly-anticipated releases, streaming services are actively competing for audience attention.

Using Tagger, our Influencer Marketing technology partner’s mentions, engagement, and content toggles, we compiled this list of 8 streaming services effectively using social media and influencer marketing to boost social engagement.

Netflix (@netflix)

Netflix’s high engagement rate and frequent posts cater to many different age demographics, even posting jokes and memes to relate with followers. With each premiere, Netflix’s coverage of new content further boosts their engagement and growth- when Stranger Things 3 premiered, the service’s mentions the week of the premiere spiked to 1K, nearly double their average weekly mentions.

HBOMax (@hbomax)

Rolled out this May, HBOMax’s mentions and engagement skyrocketed on the platform’s release date. Though it seems the service keeps rolling out more content each day, some major spikes in mentions have occurred surrounding the holiday season on both Halloween and Thanksgiving. These growth spurts in mentions also coincide with a higher potential reach from HBO’s posts, showing a potential correlation between brand engagement and user engagement.

HBO Max’s User Mentions
HBO Max’s Potential Reach on its own posts

Hulu (@hulu)

With Hulu’s subscriber base grown by nearly 10 million from 2019 to 2020, its’ social media also marks high growth and engagement. The highest engaged posts happen to be ‘call-and-response’ in a way, asking followers to “Tag a friend” or share funny, outdated AIM usernames in the comments. These types of posts have become a great engagement push for Hulu, with as many as 25,000 engagements on some posts. 

Disney+ (@disneyplus)

Some of the biggest spikes Disney+ has seen in mentions over the past few months have coincided with the release of popular content: HamiltonAvengers: Endgame, and Taylor Swift’s Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions. On Hamilton’s release, Disney+’s mentions rose to a staggering 649 user mentions, coinciding with the platform’s posts promoting the release, which received engagement in the 70,000s.

User Mentions showing growth surrounding the July 3rd release of Hamilton.
Disney’s highest engaged posts on the three days surrounding Hamilton‘s release.

Amazon Prime Video (@amazonprimevideo)

One of Prime Video’s most recent releases that boosted their mentions was the Savage x Fenty show, released October 2nd. With the fashion show released on Prime Video and the fashion line itself released on Prime Wardrobe, the service’s social media was able to tie the two together, boosting both Prime Video’s Instagram and Amazon Fashion’s Instagram simultaneously. With engagements reaching 10,000 and above on Prime video’s posts regarding the show, Amazon’s Fashion’s engagements reached 2K, notably higher than their regular engagement numbers.

Showtime (@showtime)

Showtime’s award-winning show Shameless happens to be a big contender for engagement on the streaming service’s social media. Notably, the stars of shameless are extremely active on social media, accounting for over 200 of Showtime’s mentions in the past 4 months. With most of these posts receiving engagement rates nearing 10%, these posts coincide with higher engagement rates on Showtime’s posts about the show. 

CBS All Access (@cbsallaccess)

With the upcoming release of The Stand on CBS All Access, individual mentions and CBS’s posts promoting the show have received the highest engagement rates. Through hashtags and dialogue with actors on the service’s social media, higher engagement rates have been seen on both parties’ posts. Though the show doesn’t premiere for another two weeks, it has the highest engagement of all posts on CBS’s social media platforms. 

Peacock TV (@peacocktv)

Only a few months old, NBC’s streaming service has great engagement on their social media account which is also growing by the day. The service’s Instagram has gotten creative with fan interaction, leading to some of the service’s highest engagement rates happening on posts offering giveaways of pilot scripts and a free Target shopping spree.

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This article was originally published on www.taggermedia.com on December 3, 2020.