Allegiant Media represents a suite of global marketing and advertising technology solutions in Australia and New Zealand designed to maximise every aspect of your campaign. From training and strategy, through to planning, buying, creative, set up, optimisation and reporting, your campaign’s in safe hands with Allegiant’s flexible SaaS and seamless end-to-end managed service models.

As a data-driven organisation, we only work with marketing and advertising technologies that can deliver the kind of sophisticated metrics and detailed reporting that we know your campaign needs.

With Allegiant Media, your advertising campaigns can reach a wide range of highly targeted audiences using one or a combination of all our technologies, such as:


Utilising cutting-edge technologies you can advertise to Chinese consumers both in mainland China and within Australia and New Zealand.


With Tagger, our all-in-one influencer marketing technology, you’ll have access to over 80,000 Australian social media profiles plus an additional 4M digital influencers from around the globe.

Dynamic Creative

With Adzymic’s Smart Targeting feature, display ads can be personalised based on site interaction. Additionally, with Adzymic Smart Tag you can also track user behaviour, conversion and tracking.


Target primary producers and their communities by farm location, type, size, needs and time-of-day using robust KG2 data and technology.

The Allegiant team, comprised of founders Luke Bussell and Chris Parker, along with Tony Skvarc, Chris Morfis and Shane Gill, has extensive experience in the media, marketing and advertising industries both locally and abroad. With this knowledge, comes the unique understanding of your professional pain points and the best possible solutions to rectify them and see you reach your advertising goals.

In addition to marketing and advertising technology solutions, Allegiant Media also provides specialist advisory services to global marketing and advertising technology companies seeking to build out their footprint and grow their revenues across the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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