Adzymic – Next Generation Dynamic Creative Management Platform that transforms Display Advertising into high performing Native Advertising and Performance Marketing Engine, by turning HTML 5 banners into content ad units. Using proprietary technology, we provide an easy solution for media agencies and advertisers to create, serve and optimise content ad units.

AI-Powered content

Adzymic Smart Targeting allow personalised dynamic ads to be shown based on site interaction. With the implementation of Adzymic Smart Tag, we are able to track user behaviour, conversion (Available soon) and provide truly end to end tracking. Most importantly, Adzymic Smart Tag will generate Ads automatically and allow clients to scale their ads production with a single tag. We are making product feed obsolete.


Adzymic make banners work harder for you.

Everyone hates banners so we have re-invented how they look like. In fact, we don’t call them banners anymore. We call them content ad units!


No design experience required.

Create content ad units just by adding a title and URL! As simple as sharing your social posts in under 5 minutes.


From ad creation to launch.

Adzymic integrate seamlessly with industry leading Ad Servers and major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).


Adzymic supports mobile advertising.

In fact, Adzymic is one of 1st few technology platform that support AMP Ads. AMP Ads are 6x faster and 3x lighter than regular ads on AMP pages.

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