Who we work with:

Targeted approach to reach primary producers

Agricultural and associated industries contribute around 12 % to Australia’s GDP Farmers and their communities make up a significant consumer group.

As every farm is different with needs to match, being able to tailor your messaging is key to connecting with this diverse community.

Primary Producer Audience Segments

Granular targeting of rural producers is possible at scale.

Audience groups include:
producer types
cotton, grain, cane, livestock
producer production stage
growing region

Our Key

We work with Australia’s largest independent database of primary producers to deliver highly-targeted and effective campaigns for agribusiness.


Being able to quickly deploy targeted messaging to specific producer types means your business can respond to seasonal and outlier events.

We can also overlay your data into ours to create additional targeting options.

Eg: production stage, crop vitality etc.

Managed Service

Allegiant Media offers an end to end service, including:





Campaign set up
and approvals


Detailed reporting

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