CES 2019: Uniting the Best of Tech and Media

CES 2019: Uniting the Best of Tech and Media


The theme of Unification took center stage for RhythmOne at CES 2019. Of course, the week in Vegas showcased the latest and greatest advances in technology and media (and they are pretty great!), but the spotlight was on our advertisers, publishers, partners, and friends of the company – and how our unified platform can unlock your potential.

Partnership Lounge
At our Partnership Lounge, RhythmOne brought together clients and industry experts – including thought leaders from Comscore, LG Electronics, Pixalate, Samba TV, and Newsy – to discuss exactly how all this great tech is shaping the future of Advanced TV. Our two Advanced TV-focused roundtable discussions offered key insights and takeaways for both media buyers and sellers.

Download our full CES 2019 Event Report (PDF) for all the details.

Curated Floor Tours
Our Curated Floor Tours showcased the hottest technologies in connected devices, smart TVs, mobile, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), home automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT) – all of which are poised to create opportunities for marketers in 2019 and beyond. Check out our video recap below.

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