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As Australians spend more time on social media, it’s not surprising that advertisers have followed. Spend on Social Media now exceeds the combined spend of Print Media in Australia, making Social the third largest channel for advertisers.

With this comes great opportunities and great challenges as brands and marketers pay greater attention to the myriad of channels and participants in this exciting space.

Being able to capitalise on this opportunity is key to your brand’s success.

World’s number 1 data driven Influencer Marketing Platform

Tagger is the all-in-one influencer marketing platform and social listening tool (that’s actually easy to use).
3.5M aggregated creator profiles from over 70 countries.
Over 80,000 Australian Profiles.
Access to over 9.5 billion Social Posts.

Everything you need on one, intuitive platform

Social listening, influencer discovery and outreach, briefing, contracting payment, content upload, agency and client approvals.
Seamless workflow. Accurate Data. You, in control.

Your reports,
Your way

Ditch the spreadsheets! Generate fully customizable, easy-to-read, modular campaign reports in just a few clicks. Tagger simplifies the reporting process by automatically pulling in your campaign data, and analyzing the information that matters most for each specific audience.

Managed Services

Allegiant Media offers an end to end service, including:

Training &




and translation

Campaign set up
and approvals


Detailed reporting

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