Instagram Introduces Insights for Reels, Live, and Reach


Creators and marketers alike have been anxiously awaiting the day Instagram and its parent company Facebook would make data insights available for their increasingly popular Reels feature as well as IG Live. That day has finally come! The ‘Reach’ section of Insights has also been given a major upgrade in the rollout.

Here’s what new and improved insights influencers will now be able to see, as well as upcoming features that have yet to be released, all designed to incentivise the creation and promotion of Reels and Lives.

This week, Instagram announced on their @creators account that insights would now be available for both Reels and IG Live streams. “Today we’re excited to introduce Insights for Reels, Live and Reach to help you make the most of your content strategy and better understand your reach.”

The update comes after months of speculation about when these important data points would be available as the influencer marketing industry continues to flourish and grow. Creators now have the ability to see and share the following insights:

  2. Accounts reached
  6. Saves

Similarly, they will be able to see much more in-depth analytics data for their livestreams on IG Live including total views, accounts reached, peak concurrent viewers, and live interactions like comments and shares.

Instagram Introduces Insights for Reels, Live, and Reach

In the Reach tab within Insights, creators now see additional data points including the percentage of views that came from followers and non-followers, plus the reach of various types of content.

In their announcement, Instagram phrased this by saying, “We’re adding Reach insights to show more transparency into who you’ve reached and how you’ve reached them. You can now see reach by followers and non-followers and Reach by content format.” In short, these updates allow influencers to see what type of content is performing best as well as how many viewers (both followers and non-followers) are seeing and interacting with their content.

Instagram is also planning and testing a host of additional updates; they will also be rolling out a desktop version of Insights in the near future and are testing upload options for desktop as well. They’re also planning on releasing an audio-only broadcast format to compete with newcomer Clubhouse. And in another update to Reels, Instagram has said they’re exploring a “bonus payment” feature to incentivise users to create and promote Reels content.

For now, these increased insights into Reels analytics is a game-changer for marketers. As one of the most popular content formats with one of the highest engagement rates, introducing Reels into your campaign content mix is an excellent move. Especially now that you’ll be able to better measure your ROI across all the various features of Instagram.

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This article was originally featured on on May 25, 2021.