Luke Bussell

Managing Director
Allegiant Media

More than 20 years’ experience in advertising and media roles across digital, radio, publishing, content and TV. Leadership roles held in commercial, strategy, cross-platform and business development in Australia and UK. Passion for identifying new advertising technology and making it available to our clients and agencies.


Vivian Gao

Account Manager
Chinese Media

With over 6 years of media experience in marketing, specialising in digital and Social Media Marketing for the Chinese market. Vivian knows that excellent account management is about the fulfilment of client expectations and client satisfaction.

Chris Parker

Managing Director
Allegiant Technology

25+ years’ media and leadership experience across Australia, North America, South East Asia & China. Extensive knowledge of broadcast, digital and social media landscapes and emerging technologies across sales, operations and content creation.

Paul Parker

Paul Parker


25+ years’ media and leadership experience across Australia, MENA & South East Asia.  Extensive knowledge of broadcast and digital across sales, operations and team leadership.

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